Online shopping is taking over in Canada. One poll by found that the Canadian shoppers are saying they plan to spend 38 per cent of their gift budgets online this year.

“Derek Colfer, head of technology and digital innovation at Visa Canada, points out that the Canadian market is at an advantage because it boasts one of the highest rates of card-based payment in the world – 70.7 per cent of personal purchases are made by card in Canada, compared with only 40.3 per cent in the United States. Mr. Colfer says it’s much easier to get consumers to shop online when they’re already paying by card.”

“Armin Begic, director of retail analysis at NPD Group, said the Canadian online shopping market has historically been lower than the states owing to a lack of cheap shipping options and a consumer base that is less inclined to give away credit-card information…He noted that the Canadian online market is now being driven by an increase of shoppers using their phones to make purchases and by retailers who are seriously investing in online sales.”

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