At Damon Industries we strive to have the best possible service for our customers. This is why our service department is available to take your calls 24/7. However proper maintenance and care for your JDF machine can prevent a lot of service needs. Here a few ideas on how to maintain your JDF.


Over Heating is the number one problem with JDF machines. It can cause many problems from water leaks to pump failures. To prevent over heating never place an object over the vents located on the top of the machine these vents will allow for proper cooling. Also make sure to clean the air filter on the back of the machine weekly. To do this remove the filer and run water through it from the side of the filter that faces into the machine as to not push dirt further into the filter.


Proper Cleaning and lubrication of the black nozzle on the front of the machine can stop leaks from occurring. Remove and wash the nozzles weekly (at the minimum) and remember to apply food grade lubricant before returning them into the machine.


Cleaning any spills immediately after they occur is important to prevent damage to the inside of the machine. Wipe up any spills in the cabinet and rub clean with hot water.


These three tips can stop most maintenance issues before they occur and will have your JDF running properly.


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